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Top 4 Winsome Modern Small Restaurant Design In The World: Warm Farang Restaurant Decorated with Wooden Furniture Bar and Counter Stools

Do you want to build a modern small restaurant design? That’s easy. So many ideas are available to search in the world. Of course, you can find them by searching through the sites. Here, we will show you several winsome restaurant decors that will attract you to visit there. Besides providing great menus, the restaurants that we will show for you also have awesome interior designs. It will give more comfort, great feelings, and also perfect relaxation.

Most Inspiring Modern Small Restaurant Design in the World

You will find several following inspirations related to the interior restaurant decorations. We present it from the winsome restaurant design in the world. The restaurant designs will commonly serve for all desires with winsome interiors and furniture sets.

Farang Restaurant

You will find the Farang Restaurant situated in Norrmalm. It’s in heart of Stockholm and very charming to look. Related to the architecture and design, this modern restaurant design ideas blends Asian and local styles and influences to create great contemporary appearance. You will see how wooden furniture appears matched with some metal furniture sets. The greatest thing is that the placement of the furniture to create best unity and togetherness. Look at some counter areas with cozy barstools there.

Hinoki & The Bird Restaurant

You can see for the next inspiring restaurant design called Hinoki & The Bird restaurant. Yeah, you can visit this restaurant in the Beverly Hills. You know, it has minimalist simple interior, but they feature lavish design. Located on ground floor of the building, this restaurant presents a very luxurious interior. You can reserve the room or dining place area on the counter, banquette, or even table sets.

Kampachi Restaurant

When you are being in Kuala Lumpur, you can have perfect dining time in Kampachi Restaurant. Created Blu Water Studio has been opened about 40 years ago. When you come there, you will see how the restaurant is set in very inviting and chic interior decoration with pleasant and warm atmosphere. You know, this restaurant becomes icon of the sophisticated Japanese cuisine.

La Boqueria de Barcelona

This restaurant is situated in Santiago, Chile. Many people know that this restaurant is stylized with Catalan cuisine. You will see how the interior building of this modern restaurant design concept came from the steak house in two stories. They provide the furniture sets in perfect placement with cozy choices. Every visitor will feel relaxed and comfortable being in this restaurant.

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