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The Latest Interior Design Styles List: Contemporary is one of Interior Design Styles

Interior design is always interesting. Organizing a house, apartment, or even a boarding house with an interior that suits us will add happiness and make us feel more at home. Not to mention if we like to take pictures, the spots in our house can be instagramable without having to go out to produce shots with okay background. For those of you who are curious about the current style of interior design.

The following explanations and tips:

1. Scandinavian

  Inspired by snow, mountains and oceans around Nordic countries, Scandinavian interiors are very popular throughout the world. This kind of interior can be applied in the living room, bedroom and bathroom area. His trademark is wool fabrics, woven fabrics and feathers, and wood makes the Nordic sensation more pronounced.

2. Eclectic

  This interior style is adapted from various different periods, styles, and trends. A little cheerful and adding your own characteristics to this design makes the eclectic even stronger. The best eclectic interface is to blend something old, new, different colors, textures and patterns. This does not mean that the eclectic style mixes everything into one. Still we must consider the compatibility of patterns and objects with each other.

3. Industrial

  Industrial emphasizes the “raw” side of a material. The use of bricks or steel may be a good example to illustrate how the actual industrial style is. With a combination of floor-patterned floors, pendant lamps and original colors from industrial raw materials, it makes it look more natural. But of course, that doesn’t mean we can include all the interiors without any editting on a number of things. Adding Turkish carpets is also a good choice to give the impression that the house is not like a ‘factory’.

4. Vintage

  Vintage doesn’t always smell ‘old’. Vintage style arrangement sometimes also gives a multifunctional effect for several objects. Avoid over-arranging to make it look attractive. Vintage cabinets can be an option to make the house look neat but also practical. Open shelves can also be used to arrange books or vintage accessories according to your style.

5. Minimalist

  Minimalist style began to crowded since the beginning of the 20th century and penetrated into interior design. Inspired by the simplicity of the Japanese design style, the minimalist style prioritizes the breadth of the area by only giving the interior as little as possible. Color games such as black, white and primary colors make minimalism stand out more. Minimalist style is not made to give the impression of cold and rigid, but rather simplicity and natural without losing the aesthetic impression of the room.

6. Contemporary

  Contemporary style always develops from year to year. Contemporary style in the 21st century itself has a characteristic cleanliness and a room without lots of decoration. Metal and glass are popular materials in contemporary styles. Adding details in the corner of the room by giving accessories that are more curvy makes this style look simple but there is still something highlighted.


How? Have you inspired yet the style of interior design above? Not only at home, you can apply the interior design to your boarding house or apartment.


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vintage is one of Interior Design Styles
The Latest Interior Design Styles List
Scandinavian is one of Interior Design Styles
Minimalist is one of Interior Design Styles
Industrial is one of Interior Design Styles
eclectic is is one of Interior Design Styles
Contemporary is one of Interior Design Styles
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