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Easy and Creative Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After: Easy and Creative Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

A well-used and also enjoyed kitchen deserves endless songs of praise. So, make them as stylish as they are functional. A well-designed kitchen is definitely necessary, but the idea of a full-fledged kitchen area remodel can seem overwhelming.

Get inspired to remodel your own kitchen with these easy tips as well as creative concepts.

Before: Nothing Special
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good neutral color scheme. The suburban kitchen went from bland and boxy to bursting with texture, pattern, as well as personality.

After: Brassy and Bright
Moving the sink to the window offered this kitchen a harder-working U-shape layout. Mushroom-color closets comparison with white quartz kitchen counters as well as metro floor tile backsplash. The reasonably priced backsplash tile was taken up to the ceiling for an added sense of height. Brass cabinet hardware and vintage columns on the breakfast bar add history without dating the look.


Before: On the Wrong Track
The kitchen have dated track lighting and lackluster cabinets. Also, the dishwasher was nowhere near the sink and dirty dishes left a trail of water as they went from sink to dishwasher.

After: Efficient Cottage Charm
Opening up a wall surface left the kitchen sensation much less secluded. Relocating a hallway door 2 feet in the direction of the windows and also revolving the island 180 levels aided broaden the kitchen area throughout the entire space. White shiplap, painted cabinets, and also open shelves infuse the kitchen with farmhouse flair. With the dishwashing machine now tucked right into the island, dirty dish drips are gone.


Before: Prime to Revive
Cramped and isolated from the rest of the first-floor rooms, this kitchen was not a pleasant place to be. Drab finishes imparted no personality and clunky appliances were eyesores.

After: Modern Muse
Leaving the range, sink, and dishwasher in their same places conserved on redesigning prices. Gray timber base closets, shiny white top closets, and also wood-look ceramic tile floors established a cozy, contemporary style, which is continued with the soft sage tile backsplash.


Before: Room for Improvement
This original kitchen was too small, and it was separated from the living room by a tiny dining area. Dated yellow appliances and a matching sink aged the room, as did fading dark cabinetry and beige floor tiles.

After: Black and Gold
After getting rid of walls and reconfiguring the layout to create a sunny, open space, homeowners utilized drywall, lattice strips, as well as metal paint to make a focal-point variety hood. The home’s black-and-white palette proceeds in the kitchen, along with bold accent fabrics to tie it to the rest of the living areas.


Before: Bland and Awkward
The kitchen have awkward layout. The couple shifted appliances and a doorway to create an efficient work core and improve flow.

After: Seeing the Light
White cabinetry and also whitewashed oak flooring offer this kitchen a beachy vibe. The double-wide island gives a focal point as well as a storage boost. The smooth, glossy tiles, which run to the ceiling, also offer a textural changeup from all the wood. A built-in fridge associate the island, enabling a straight course from the mudroom to the breakfast area.


Before: Tried and Tired
This space was renovated in 1980 but the initial kitchen improvement really did not profit the space’s shapes and size. An outdated color design and also checkerboard timber floor left the cooking area looking weary.

After: Second-Chance Style
Now, floor-to-ceiling cabinets take advantage of the room’s high ceilings. One window was replaced by two to bring much more light into the area, while white cabinets, counter top, and backsplash make the narrow area seem bigger.


Before: Too Immature
Though the kitchen looked nice, the property owners craved a fully grown appearance and a much more practical area. The shiny white plastic closets lacked personality as well as were generally breaking down– the kitchen cabinetry’s thin veneer surface was bubbling up, and also the door joints were falling off.

After: Gorgeous and Grown Up
The kitchen area remodel suggestions for this room were rooted in mixing as well as matching. A balance of timber and white closets maintain the area intense while producing the impression that the room was upgraded over decades instead of a few days. Some of the wall surface closets reach to the ceiling, creating extra storage space and also display areas. A banquette included alongside the kitchen island frees up counter area and offers additional dining space for the family.

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Easy and Creative Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After
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