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15 Unique Corporate Office Interior Design: 15 Unique Corporate Office Interior Design

Employers becoming aware that inspiring environments can have a direct result on their employees’ creativity. These distinct company offices interior decoration make sure employees stay stimulated.

15 Unique Corporate Office Interior Design

1. D&AD headquarters

They have big yellow letters stating D&AD, a mural outside, a comfortable workplace, a bar, D&AD Annuals and style books, plus plenty of room for occasions and also mingling.

2. Cinco

They have a workshop for working in paper, wood or with other tools, and a “study” space for talking pictures, film and experimentation. And then there’s the “living room” for “meetings” that contains a pinball machine and other games and puzzles.

3. The Barbarian Group

They have the sinuous, single 4,400 square-foot desk the entire team sits around as one group. Additionally the arches of the workdesk, these nooks really facilitate interaction and creativity.

4. Neo-Pangea

An open public workspace is kitted out with custom-made desks made from steel as well as aged walnut planks, and the workshop’s information server is housed firmly in what made use of to be the bank vault, full with a lead-lined door.

5. Shopify

Each of the 6 floorings has a different theme. Alongside this library on the speakeasy-themed floor, various other rooms vary from phone cubicles to Scandinavian sauna-style fields.

6. Airbnb
They have modular rooms with display screens, whiteboards, pinboards and tall tables. Everybody is cost-free to grab and operate in the lots of open areas distributed around the office.

With areas designed to mimic hotel lobbies and the reception doubling up as a DJ cubicle. The 8,000-square-foot room on Madison Square Park boasts adaptable work spaces to motivate employee interaction and also collaboration.

8. Google, Zurich
There’s spaces to play sporting activities, sing and also dance, get a massage therapy, an aquarium where employees can relax in a foam-filled bath, a sky lounge, jungle and movie room, slides, fireman’s poles and much more. Also Gondolas dotted around, which serve as meeting rooms.

9. BICOM Communications

The highlight of Lessard’s design is the house-like skins, consisted of to specify work areas and also each with their very own decor, including fake lawn and timber panelling.

10. Mind Candy

The Mind Candy offices include wooden treehouse, which functions as a conference room. The company is decked out with astroturf carpeting, vines hanging from the ceiling, a wood treehouse and gingerbread residence that function as meeting rooms.

11. Adobe, Utah

It’s an unique project that centres the entire building around a piece of street art. The design likewise includes an employee coffee shop, complete NBA-sized indoor basketball court, a recreation room, a totally equipped gym, and interactive art work.

12. TBWA, New York

The outdoor-inspired style features a big wide-open floorplan, complete basketball court, big-screen TV, a classic London telephone box and even has trees expanding within the structure to give it a fresh feel.

13. Mother London

Meeting rooms loaded with eccentric, one-off pieces of vintage furniture and also, the amazing 250ft public concrete table, which accommodates about 200 workers.

14. Inventionland, Pittsburgh

Lucky workers reach work in the awesome environments of pirate ships, castles, robotics and artificial caves to name a few things. The facility additionally has an advanced audio, video and movie studio and fully-equipped workshops for developing working prototypes of creations.

15. Ogilvy, China

The design, entitled ‘A Circus of Suggestions’, includes merry-go-round horses, life-size nutcrackers and great deals of various other trendy enjoyment park-themed features.

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15 Unique Corporate Office Interior Design
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